Last Chance to Make Summer Memories - What To Do?

By: christineh Thursday August 3, 2017 comments

The summer is coming to an end and you want to make sure you give your kids a summer to remember. It can be hard to wrangle the whole family together to take a weekend trip or spend the day at a waterpark. Here is our list of ways you can get in some last minute summer memories without a lot of planning ahead of time:

  1. Go Backyard Camping

Nothing is more fun than spending the night under the stars and reading your kids some bed time stories by flashlight. Camping with your kids doesn’t have to be a hassle! Set up a tent in your backyard and unroll the sleeping bags for a quick and easy way to enjoy the last moments of summer.

  1. Enjoy the waterpark, from home

When it becomes too difficult to get everyone into the car with all of their waterpark essentials, just bring the waterpark to you! Inflatable pools and water toys are inexpensive and easy to find! Break out the slip-n-slide and get the kids outside and off of the couch for this last minute and fun summer activity.

  1. Make homemade goodies

Summer is the perfect time to break out the popsicles and iced lemonade, but you can never trust the juice companies to be 100% honest about the sugar content of their products. So why not just make them yourself? Get out the juicer and make some homemade popsicles and lemonade. The kids will love them and they can even take to the street corner to make some lemonade stand money!

  1. Go to an outdoor movie

Find the nearest park to you and look into it’s summer event series. Lots of parks throughout the country host outdoor movie nights and they are relatively inexpensive and super fun! You can pack up a cooler of goodies for the kiddos and bring a blanket to the park to enjoy a showing of one of their favorite movies under the stars.

  1. Work on your garden together

Gardening is a great way to get outside and get your hands dirty, so why not involve the kids? Take the kids to your local flower shop and have them pick out their favorite seeds. Have the kids plant the seeds and water them everyday. Your kids will enjoy seeing their flowers or vegetables grow. The best part is that you can then eat your own creations and make a fun family meal out of all of their homegrown vegetables.

Enjoy the end of the summer season and create lasting memories with your children that they will brag about to all of their friends at school. Take in the time while they are still young because it won’t last forever!

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