Common Carpet Care Mistakes that Homeowners Make

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The lifespan of some types of carpets can reach 20 years if properly maintained. In routine carpet maintenance, the carpet is vacuumed, deep cleaned, and stains are handled properly. Make these carpet cleaning mistakes, and your carpet will age more quickly and require replacement sooner than you planned.




Despite their appearance, carpets can hide dirt, crumbs, and hair. The carpet also contains microscopic particles, such as dust and allergens, which you won't see. A carpet that has not been vacuumed for a long period can become dirty and smelly. This also allows the dirt to settle more deeply into the fibers, making it more difficult to remove. For carpeted floors, vacuum a minimum of twice a week, but more frequently is better.


Tackling Stains


Messes on carpets are common, especially if your family has children or pets. By tackling stains as soon as you spot them, you'll get the best results. Dried stains that are embedded into the fibers and are difficult to remove. It's often possible to remove at least some of the stain with a rag if you start when it's still wet. Set-in stains may never completely disappear while fresh stains can often be fully treated with all signs of the stain gone. 


Scrubbing carpet stains hard might be your instinct, but that can damage the carpet fibers and force the stain deeper into the carpet. Fibers can get frayed or become loose, which makes them stand out and look worn. The easiest way to soak up moist spills is by dabbing them gently with a soft cloth. 


Professional Carpet Cleaning


It is possible to vacuum and spot clean your carpet on your own, but a professional carpet cleaning will go deeper than what you can accomplish with your home cleaning methods. A professional carpet cleaning company treats carpets with professional tools that pull out more residue and debris from deep inside the carpet. Professionals have tools to remove hard-to-remove stains that can't be removed by yourself.


If you make carpet cleaning mistakes, your flooring can be permanently damaged. It's important to learn how to clean carpets the right way if you want to prolong their life.

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