Champion Mom: Back-to-School Season is Tough for Low-Income Families - Here's How You Can Help

By: bchauveau Tuesday August 6, 2019 comments

Back-to-school is just around the corner, and for thousands of families across the country, it’s time to trek back into the office supply and “big box” department stores to do some back-to-school shopping.
While many people love the sight of new notebooks and that perfect giant box of crayons with the sharpener built in, there are lots of others who can’t afford to buy even the most basic school supplies.

If you wish to help out this year, there are a few things you can do to assist those in need so that they can get their school year off to a good start.

1. Buy extra supplies
When you are picking up your school supplies this year, look for specials such as Buy One, Get One Free. Then, take the extra free items and set them aside to be donated. Even if you can’t get a special deal, you can still pick up a few extra supplies that can be donated to local charity groups.

2. Sponsor a student
Another way to help take care of others in your area is by agreeing to buy all of the supplies for one student. When you go to an office supply store, many of them will have a list of all the supplies for a specific school and grade. You can grab a bag and buy all of the supplies that a single student will need at that school.

3. Pack a bag
Another thing that you can do is to grab a backpack and pack it with as many supplies as possible. This way, the student can have the supplies and a book bag to carry it.

4. Sponsor a supply drive
If you want to do even more for those who need help, you may want to organize your own neighborhood supply drive. Check in with local charity organizations, such as churches and community support groups to see how best to get your donated items to those who need them.

Your Support Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Community
School time can be a scary proposition for those who are dealing with financial hardships. But by picking up some extra supplies and giving them to those who can help out the students, you will be going a long way towards having a positive school year.

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