#ChampionMom - Fun Places to Take the Kids in Denver this Winter

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Denver in the winter can be a double-edged sword—if your children are into winter activities in the snow, you are in great shape! If they aren’t, then the dreaded cabin fever can set in. Probably the most dangerous phrase to a mom’s sanity is the dreaded “I’m bored.” No need to worry. We’ve got you covered! There are lots of activities in Denver for your kids this winter. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite new discoveries.


The Inventing Room Dessert Shop

This unique dessert shop has a menu full of exciting choices. From “Orange Gobble-Pop with Chocolate Pop-Rocks” and “Ginger Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Pomegranate Fizz Pop-Rocks”, your kids will love this! There’s even a ‘make your own sundae’ option if your kids are feeling a little extra creative. If you're lucky, they'll hand you a sample of their popcorn - cold from the nitrogen - but a hit with the kids.


The Cereal Box, Inc.

A restaurant for the cereal aficionados. You can create your own cereal masterpiece by choosing from over 100 boxes of cereal, including some international options. Don't forget the toppings, and milk (yes, they have flavored milk!).

You can also opt for one of the Cereal Mix favorites on the menu, like the Unicorn Poop: a mix of three different cereals with marshmallow, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and strawberry milk. Gluten free pop tarts (or the regular kind) and kids' cartoons playing on the walls. It's great fun but seating is limited and the weekends can be a bit busy.



If your kids love funnel cake, then you need to check out Funnels! This restaurant serves gourmet funnel cakes--we’re talking funnel cake ice cream sandwiches and bacon fries. If you can’t make it to their locations, keep an eye out for their mobile food truck.


Hyperspace Arcade

If you are a child of the 80s (or just love the nostalgia of Stranger Things), check out Hyperspace Arcade. For a $14 day pass, you can play as many 80s arcade games as your heart desires. They’ve got it all: Pac-Man, Dragon’s Lair, Donkey Kong…hours of fun! This is a great destination for kids and parents. Classic arcade games, pinball machines and even a classic Nintendo. 


Enchanted Grounds

For the kids that love board games and card games, Enchanted Grounds is the place for you. This cafe and game shop hosts tournaments and events in popular games like Magic and Dragonball Z. Their calendar is packed with events! Plus, the shop has a cafe with interesting drinks and snacks as well as a comic book corner. Come to shop, grab a fancy drink or hang out for a game. 


Denver Puppet Theater

This one is for the theater lovers! Denver Puppet Theater has marionette performances of classic stories and fairytales like The Snow Queen and Cinderella. Your kids can play with over 100 puppets, and they even do birthday parties!

Denver has a lot to offer for the busy mom who is looking for a fun outing with the kids. These are great options for a fun meal or great afternoon of entertainment this winter!

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