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Champion - Steaming the Cold Flu Season

Here at Champion, we are passionate about creating living and workspaces that are clean and sanitary. Our professional steam cleaning technology doesn't just clean your carpets and upholstery; it also eliminates the bacteria and germs hiding within the floor.

Our air duct cleaning process removes airborne allergens and dust. The staff here at Champion promotes healthy environments for you and your loved ones.

In conjunction with our clean living philosophy, our friends at Hydroshield also assist families in eliminating germs and bacteria. Here is their take on the conundrum of keeping granite sanitary.

The Granite Countertop Conundrum

Granite is a beautiful and natural hard surface that has become a preferred upgrade in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. Granite is also a proven breeding ground for bacterial colonization. 
According to this NASA study, Billions (yes that is a "B") of bacteria can exist in just the cracks and crevices alone, not counting what's on the surface of the countertop. This is all thanks to the natural pores coupled with an abundance of moisture, grease and all manners of proteins, sugars and carbohydrates a typical kitchen environment provides.
As a proven habitat for bacteria, sanitizing granite countertops should be done on a regular basis to keep bacteria levels at a safe population for a healthy human immune systems. Traditionally, this is accomplished by using harsh sanitizing solutions. We are also told we should seal our granite slabs so that we can protect them against stains. Unfortunately harsh sanitizing solutions will absolutely strip any sealer present on the surface of the granite, degrade resins used to fill pits during polishing and are essentially the opposite of any eco-friendly solution most people prefer to use in their home.

So is your only choice with granite countertops to have an unsanitary countertop or an easily stained countertop using harsh sanitizing cleaners? Thankfully the answer is NO!
 HydroShield's revolutionary HSG granite protection creates a shield against bacteria not available with traditional penetrating sealers. This dual or hybrid protection not only penetrates the granite to protect it from the inside out, it also provides a barrier of protection to the surface of the granite. Backed by 20+ years of experience and over a million applications, HydroShield creates an invisible easy-to-clean bond with your granite. This eco-friendly protection eliminates the need to use harsh sanitizing cleaners and comes with a 15 year peace of mind warranty.

Made in America * Professionally Installed at Your Home * Warrantied Locally

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Champion and Hydroshield work together to achieve a similar goal - making your home germ free.

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