Champion Mom’s Family Recipe Highlight

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family recipe highlight

In 2016, Champion would love to help you build at least one new recipe into your busy family schedule every month. By year-end, your family could be regularly enjoying 12 new dishes to their meal routine.

For February, we discovered a new and creative way to change up a traditional Italian dish. Tired of the same old pasta meals week after week? Debbie from One Little Project came up with a way to make rigatoni fun with this Three Cheese Italian Rigatoni Pie!

Not only is it a visual twist on your normal rigatoni but it looks so appealing! Great for a night at home with the kids (pasta pie!) or to take along to a dinner party or family gathering. It's also super easy to make. Win-Win-Win!



In the mood for an Italian-inspired sweet to chase your new pasta meal? Something Swanky can satisfy that sweet tooth with this adorable Cannoli Dip recipe. The yummy-ness of a cannoli without all the baking work!


cannoli dip


Like our selections for February, Champion Moms? Keep a lookout each month for another set of delicious meals! Champion Carpet prides itself on being a family oriented company.


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