Champion Mom: The Lowdown on Family Chores

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Champion - Lowdown on Family Chores

The Lowdown on Family Chores

Parents know that finding the best way to motivate their kids to do chores can be difficult. It can also be hard to figure out age-appropriate chores for the little ones. If you look online, you can find a lot of different ways to motivate kids and keep it fun.

Chore charts are only limited by your imagination! You can make a chart like one of the ones below, go online for how to videos, or create one of your own. It is best to keep them simple and fun so the kids can understand and enjoy using the charts.

Here are a few examples of chore charts on Pinterest:

Track Your Chores

Door Hanger Chore Chart

Responsibility Race Chart

While you are spending time with your toddler in the kitchen, wipe off the table with a wet washcloth, give it to them and they may start wiping the table themselves or just may need a little coaxing. You can start making a game of putting away toys with your toddler. Unsure what a kid can do as he or she grows up? Here's a sample list of age-appropriate chores.

There is definitely a debate as to whether chores should be tied to your child's allowance. Younger children may may be more driven by listening to special music while doing chores, getting privileges or small non-monetary rewards. With older children, especially teenagers, tying the chores to an allowance will work better.

There are a lot of amusing videos on YouTube made by kids showing how they make chores fun. Georgia and Elizabeth present How to Make Chores More Enjoyable. These girls are really getting a kick out of what they are doing and kids who are younger than these girls may want to be "cool" like them. Having your child watch other kids entertaining themselves doing chores can be a motivator and a way for them to have fun. For parents, Eric the DIY Dad shows how to make a fun timed game of chores using ping-pong balls.

Is it time to ready your house before your carpet cleaner arrives! You can play a timed game with the kids in which you see who can get chores that need to get done before the carpet can be cleaned in the fastest amount of time. Each kid can have one or more goals to do the following: vacuum, dust and clean baseboards, get fragile and valuable items out of the way, take all movable items off the floor and find the places on the carpet that need special care. Have your kid write down each place he or she finds that need special care and have them come up with a reason why that part of the carpet needs to be cleaned.

Our carpet cleaning company brings thank you bags with goodies for the dogs and kids get them excited and in a routine with what maintenance looks like in a home, good habits start young!

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