Champion Mom: Cleaning Games with Silly Rewards

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Champion - Cleaning Games with Silly Rewards

Cleaning doesn't have to be gloom and doom for the kids, especially if they think it's a game. Here are a few fun suggestions for cleaning games with silly rewards that might just put chores in a whole new light.

  1. Dust Eating Monster Game - Have you ever used a bath mitt? They're functional for bath time fun, but did you know they also work exceptionally well for dusting around the house? They come in a variety of monster shapes and sizes and are available in the toddler section of your local store or through online retailers. For this game, the monster's only food is dust, and it's starving. With the dust mitt on their hand, the kids will have to feed the monster as quickly as possible. While they are busy with dusting, make a monster-themed snack as a reward. After all, monster tamers need fuel too. Setting a timer gives them a sense of urgency, and gives you a time for the chore to be complete. Note: If you don't have a mitt, there are plenty of great tutorials on how to make them, or better yet, use a mid-calf or longer sock to make a dust eating sock puppet.

  1. Activity Box - This requires a little bit of prep. Take the chores and put them on scraps of paper and put them in a small box (or basket). Add an equal number of silly and/or fun activities that you know the kids will love. Mix up the slips of paper and let the kids draw from it. The goal of this game is to get them excited to get a chore done so they can enjoy the fun activities in the box. Some fun activities to consider are twenty minutes reading or playing a video game, painting, silly dancing for one song, an icy treat they love, family movie night choice, and more. Choose things you know the children love, and you'll see far more enthusiasm than ever before.

  2. Race to Win- Need help getting laundry sorted? A fun way to get this done quickly and efficiently is Race to Win. In this game, you set a timer and the kids line up at a starting line. You then announce a color. "Blue", for instance. The children then take off from the starting line to find all blue clothing items in their bedroom. They race back to put it in the appropriate laundry bin until the buzzer sounds. Continue from there. Winner gets to be King of Color Mountain and wears a crown to commemorate it. For a single child, have them beat their previous record to win. Note: This also works for cleaning a bedroom or play room. Just shift the game to items on the floor that need to be sorted.

Remember, cleaning doesn't have to be something to dread. Games and silly rewards are just one more way to get your children involved.

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