Why Is It So Hard to Clean a Tile Wall or Floor?

By: bchauveau Sunday February 14, 2021 comments


Tile, and grout, have long been used for walls and floors due to its durability and longevity. However, with tile comes grout and this area is notoriously difficult to keep clean. Grout is the material used to keep the tiles in place and once you start sweeping and mopping your floors - it’s where dirt goes to get trapped! It’s texture is rough, making it easy for grime to cling to the surface and difficult for homeowners and businesses to keep shiny and clean.


Cleaning grout on your own is a tiresome process requiring getting down on the floor and scrubbing. But you have to be careful. Too much elbow grease or abrasive cleaners could actually damage the grout keeping your beautiful tiles in place!


Also, grout is prone to gradual staining. The build-up of dirt that gets claimed in the group between your times is often prone to soap scum, mild mold, and germs. 


If hot water and scrubbing either isn’t working or you’ve gotten to the point where this isn’t a good use of your time or energy anymore, consider calling in a professional company to do the grout cleaning for you.


Professional tile and grout cleaners have the tools and resources necessary to clean your floors and walls easily, quickly, and without damaging the grout. 


After calling us to clean your tile and grout for you, invest in a grout sealant to keep that clean surface around even longer!


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