Tips for Cleaning Oriental Rugs

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Oriental rugs require special care to maintain their beautiful appearance. Dirt buildup can damage rug fibers over time, mildew can grow, and unsightly stains can ruin the beauty of these pieces. When it comes to cleaning your rug, knowing the right method makes all the difference. Check out these tips for cleaning your Oriental rug.

Steam cleaning is a popular carpet cleaning method that uses hot water vapor to penetrate soil and clean surfaces. The high temperatures that Oriental rugs are exposed to can cause their colors to fade and bleed because oriental rugs are often dyed with traditional vegetable dyes that are not as durable as modern dyes. When cleaning Oriental rugs, it's important to choose a gentle method to avoid changing their appearance. 

Vacuum Tips

In comparison with wall-to-wall carpet, Oriental rugs require a few special considerations when vacuuming. 

  1. Vaccuming the fringes is not a good idea since the suction power of the vacuum can easily snap off the fringes. Oriental rugs with fringes must be cleaned separately. Make sure it lies flat by coaxing it out. To remove stubborn stains from fringe, apply a vinegar and warm water solution first. Once the fringe is clean, gently scrub it with water and natural detergent before rinsing it.

  2. As much dirt and debris as possible should be removed from the pile. A rug's fibers can become damaged over time as a result of ground-in dirt. The back of the rug should be exposed by flipping it over. Clean the back surface with your vacuum. Beater bars can be left down as long as they are set high as the agitation will loosen any ingrained debris and help the rug to dry faster. A couple of passes over the entire back side of the rug will help to remove as much excess debris as possible.

  3. Don't wait until your rug looks dirty before vacuuming it. By doing so, you will prevent compacted dust and dirt from degrading the rug's fibers through friction

  4. Retract the beater bar when vacuuming the top side of the rug to avoid damaging the fibers. Take care at the edges, as you don't want the fringes to become damaged if they accidentally get sucked up if you move slowly over the surface. Always move in the direction of the fibers. When vacuuming the edges, use the upholstery attachment carefully. The process should be repeated at least two times.

  5. You can use the old-fashioned method if you are concerned about your vacuum being too powerful. With a dedicated soft, straw bristle brush, shake, gently beat, and then sweep the carpet in the direction of fibers using a dedicated soft, straw bristle brush. You may want to consider this method if you have a braided or hand-hooked rug as opposed to a flat weave.

Persian Rug

The intricate detail of hand knotted Persian rugs gives your home an added dimension. The hand-knotted nature of these rugs can make them more vulnerable to wear and tear, as well as damage during cleaning. 

Oriental rugs must be properly cared for, since the detailed natural wool can be damaged if not cleaned correctly. After you figure out the method, it will only take two hours and several days to dry. 

Oriental rug cleaning experts often have extensive experience cleaning delicate Oriental rugs, which is why you should hire them to protect your rug and make sure it lasts. DIYing could prematurely fray the fabric, make the dye run, or leave a soapy residue. 


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