Champion Mom - Self-Care Tips for the Holidays

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As much as the holidays can be wonderful, they can also be one of the busiest times of the year. While kids get a break from school, moms tend to have even less time for themselves during winter break. Take a look at these self-care tips that moms can use to take care of themselves this holiday season.

Let us take care of you, Champion Mom. 

Take Care of You

First and foremost, no matter how busy things get, you can't neglect your own physical needs. Stay hydrated. Pack the pantry with healthy snacks. Build in time to rest between activities and errands. Get good sleep as often as possible. Things are stressful enough without starting the day with an empty tank and being super uncomfortable.

What's for You?

We know, mama, that your goal is to create a wonderful holiday experience for your family. However, what makes the holiday season rewarding for you? Most of us don't slow down enough to even consider ourselves in the equation. However, the quickest way to dread the holiday season is to simply overlook what the spirit of the holidays means to us and not make sure we get what we want or need out of the season as well.

Recruit Help & Banish Perfectionism

You have many hands at your disposal. If you are overwhelmed, stressed, and feeling behind on the holiday task list, recruit the help of the people around you. Yes, that means you may need to lower the bar when it comes to your expectations. It doesn't have to be perfect. It truly is the thought that counts. Let them wrap. Let them bake. Get them involved in the cleaning. This involvement is good for them and helps you.


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