How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet in Colorado

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Your space will be more comfortable and livelier with carpet. Rug fibers, on the other hand, retain grime, dirt and pet hair, making them virtually invisible over time. Your carpets can be restored to their former glory and your health can be protected through professional carpet cleaning.


Regular vacuuming and cleaning can help mitigate the bacteria, however professional carpet cleaning gets deep into the carpet fibers to eliminate bacteria at the "root." Therefore, how often should carpets be professionally cleaned?


Carpet cleaning: DIY vs. professional


How dirty must the carpets be before you hire a professional to clean them?


There are some tasks you can do DIY before contacting a professional carpet cleaner:




Vacuum your carpets once a week or twice a week for light to medium soiling. If you have children, pets, smokers, or messy employees in a high traffic area, vacuum twice a week for the typical household.


Spot Cleaning


When practiced regularly, spot cleaning prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating. As soon as you notice spots, spot clean light, medium, and heavy soiling and continue treating daily. Professional cleaning is essential in case of persistent or toxic spots, especially when a flood occurs, whether it is from bursting pipes or flash flooding.


Professional Cleaning


Professional carpet cleaning is generally recommended at least once a year. Carpets and health can be damaged in the long run if problem areas go unattended. 


If water soaks into your carpet, it can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria - not to mention pests like bed bugs and rodents.


Carpets can be maintained for general cleaning by vacuuming, spot cleaning, and applying some over-the-counter treatments. Nevertheless, your carpet's long-term health and appearance need to be considered on your yearly checklist. For Colorado carpets, we recommend getting them cleaned in the spring to remove any rock salt or dirt tracked into the home during the cold winter months.

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