Getting Your Home Ready for the Graduation Party

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Congratulations! You’ve made it. Your child is graduating. There will always seem to be more that can be done no matter how much you clean or how much you organize when you are planning a party at home. 


The preparation of your home for guests can be intimidating even for the most seasoned hostess. Cleaning and decluttering certain areas of your house is necessary so that you can effectively prepare it for a party. In light of that, here are some tips from professional cleaners and organizers on how to prepare your home to host your graduation party.


  • Make a quick sweep of your home and decide what needs to be done.
  • For your guests, there should be a closet and a place to keep their coats. For women, there should also be a place to store their purses.
  • Make sure the entry area of your house is cleaned and tidy.
  • The rooms your guests will use - the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen - as well as other areas where guests will be, like a game room or similar, all need a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering.
  • It is important to recognize that even a spotless home can appear dirty and untidy due to clutter. Your guests should have the freedom to move about your home freely without tripping over things on tables and shelves.
  • When cleaning for a party, it is important to get rid of as much clutter as possible - even if it means simply boxing it all out to store in the garage overnight.
  • To save time and energy, clean only the rooms that must be cleaned because guests will be staying there.
  • Where people are eating and drinking, spills and stains are bound to happen. Preparing for these issues before they even occur is the best way to deal with them. Prepare a small box that contains cleaning supplies that you can use in case a mess occurs during the party.
  • Aromatherapy is welcoming so deodorize your home and fill it with pleasant scents using flowers, essential oils, or candles.
  • Afterwards, fill your home with personal touches such as flowers, photographs of your family, and candles to make it feel comfortable and inviting for guests.


If you’d like to outsource any of this work, we can come and do the carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or flooring during your party prep process.


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