Champion Mom - Road Trip Tips for Moms

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Our top family road trip hacks will help you get to the end of your trip without a meltdown by you or your kids.


Prep the Car


At least a week before your road trip, give your vehicle a general health check. In addition to making sure your battery is fully charged and your tires are properly inflated, make sure that all of your fluids are full. Also, now is the right time to check your tires for tread wear. 


Gather Supplies


Make sure you have all the normal necessities: prescriptions, kleenex, hand wipes, a first aid kit, an emergency roadside kit, phone chargers, trash bags, water bottles, snacks, sunscreen, bugspray, and anything else that you may need or might make you comfortable on the trip.


Activity Kit


You will definitely be dealing with bored children on this trip. Keep them engaged by putting together activity kids and doling out options slowing so there is always something new to do.


Car Sick Emergency Kit


While no one hopes for it to be the case, car sickness is definitely a possibility and when you are on the road, you might not have access to the supplies you need to clean up the mess and care for your kiddos. So, put together a car sick emergency kit just in case.


Create a Music Playlist


There’s nothing worse than not being able to find a good radio station or losing connection on the road. Go ahead and prep a family-friendly music playlist before heading out.


Prioritize Breakfast


Road trips can be uncomfortable at times so it’s important to take care of yourself. Make sure everyone gets a healthy breakfast at the beginning of the day so they have enough energy to handle whatever gets thrown their way.


Eating in the Car


If you are planning to eat snacks or meals in the car, trash bags and food trays are a great way to go to avoid the mess and minimize spills.


Transportation Fees


Do the research when it comes to toll roads and park fees and make sure you have the cash needed with you. 




A shoe organizer over the car seat makes it easy to keep a variety of road trip necessities with you and make them accessible for the rest of the family.


These are just some tips to help make your road trip adventure even more memorable and enjoyable! If you need help cleaning the car after your trip, give us a call.


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