Champion Mom - It's Time to Do a Check-In, for Your Kids

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In January, most adults spend some time reflecting on their lives and making resolutions to improve them. Although we're rocking our workouts and trying harder to eat better or meditate, our kids could also benefit from a short reset and evaluation of how things are going.

With all those holiday toys at home and summer so far away, it's hard to stay motivated and on track with schoolwork during the third quarter. Grades tend to slip this time of year and motivation fades and distractions become more appealing. With shorter daylight hours and hectic family schedules, it can be challenging to find time for important conversations.

In order to help your children start the New Year off on the right foot, here are three simple things you can do.

Emotional Health Check

We can learn a lot about how our children are doing academically through progress reports, report cards, and online school portals, but learning about how they are socially and emotionally can be harder, particularly if they are shy. You can talk about how his relationships are going and who he's spending time with at school during a quiet car ride. Do your best to help him work through any concerns he may have, and don't hesitate to seek extra assistance from a teacher or counselor or mental health professional - if you feel out of depth and concerned.

Get Organized

No matter how clean your kids' rooms are (if that's the case, share your parenting secrets), January is the perfect time to get everything else in order for the year ahead. Provide students with new binders, notebooks, and pencils that have lost their erasers to help them succeed in class. Ask them what the biggest obstacle to staying organized is and brainstorm solutions and supplies that will help them be more successful and confident. Also, now is a good time to make appointments for the upcoming year. Incorporate your child by getting them a paper calendar and showing them how to use a digital one - and teach them how to enter important dates onto their calendar.

Explore Those Activities

While commiting to an activity is important, it's essential to explore what your child is actually enjoying and benefiting from and eliminate anything that just feels like busy work or that your kiddo simply doesn't want to participate in anymore. The long winter months are an ideal time to try a new hobby.


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