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There's a good chance you're ringing in the New Year differently than you did before you had kids. The party hats and sparkly dresses shouldn't be hidden away - after all, kids love them more than adults. It's all about mixing things up a little bit, and we're here to help with fun, family-friendly ideas for a memorable holiday party.

Dress Up

You can make the night extra special by wearing your best New Year's outfit. Dress as you would if you were going to a party. Kids can wear pretty dresses, neckties, ties, and perfumes or colognes of their parents. Their excitement and anticipation will be contagious! You can still feel fancy even if you stay at home.

Ring in the New Year at Noon

You're unlikely to make it until midnight (or even 10 p.m.) if you have kids. Consider closing all your curtains and pretending it is midnight instead of noon. Get online and watch the New Year's festivities in a distant time zone. Let's be honest, it'll be more fun if everyone isn't already tired and cranky.

Fizzy Drinks

Give your children something special to drink during your New Year's toast. Make some fun non-alcoholic mocktails or even a cup of apple juice can work. Alternatively, for older kids, try Martinelli's sparkling water in plastic champagne flutes!

Make Fun Finger Foods

Having a cozy night in? What about a delicious spread? Make it a night to remember! Cooking with kids is always a fun activity, but on New Year's Eve they'll feel like they're getting ready for a party. There are so many easy, and fun, finger food options. Fun for everyone!

Kiss At Midnight

When the clock strikes 12, kiss your kiddos, but make it extra sweet by giving them a Hershey's Kiss each!

A New Year's Eve celebration with little ones might look a little different. Regardless of how you celebrate, ringing in the new year with children can be a ton of fun! In any case, you'll make memories that your children and you will cherish for a lifetime.

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