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By: bchauveau Sunday February 2, 2020 comments

When it comes to household cleaning, I think that vacuuming is the most hated chore, possibly only exceeded by dusting. But what is worse than not vacuuming at all is vacuuming the wrong way.

Here are tips that can elevate your vacuuming game and help to preserve your carpets longer and keep them looking better:

  1. Dust First — I know, no one really likes dusting. But it makes a lot of sense to do this first before you vacuum. When you dust, the dust isn’t magically trapped into the duster. It simply goes into the air and then falls onto the furniture or ground. So if you vacuum and then dust, you are just dirtying up your carpets right after you clean them. Make sure to do all of your dusting, especially on the ceiling fans, before you vacuum. (Fans are infamous for collecting dust and then scattering it around as it is in use.)


  1. Empty Your Vacuum — Some of you may still have a vacuum with a bag. Others might have the more modern ones that empty the debris into a canister. But regardless, it is important to empty your vacuum cleaner as you go. If the container becomes full and you continue to vacuum, then nothing will get sucked up and some of the other trash may wind up getting pushed back out.


  1. Vacuum in Multiple Directions — If you just pass the vacuum over your carpet once and then call it a day, you aren’t getting all of the dirt and dust. Instead, pass the vacuum over the carpet in one direction and then run it back again in the opposite direction. This way, you are sure to get all of the dirt out.

If you don’t take care of your carpets with regular vacuuming, you are allowing dirt, dust, and allergens to accumulate in the fibers of the carpet. This can not only damage your carpets, but it can also damage your health by filling the air around you with these allergens. Regular vacuuming done properly is the key to preventing this.


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