#ChampionMom - Teaching Your Kids to Be Lucky

By: bchauveau Sunday March 7, 2021 comments

Luck is a tricky concept. Why? Because, ultimately, good and bad luck are out of our control. When we are talking to our kids, what do we tell them about luck and being lucky? How can luck be a positive force in the lives of our children? 

Here are some ideas for having a conversation about luck with your kids this month:


  • Control - First, and foremost, it’s important to have a conversation with our children about control. What can we control? What is completely out of our control? When it comes to luck, most of it is completely out of our control. We can’t force, persuade it, or convince it to work on our behalf. 
  • Intention - What do we want to accomplish? Who do we want to be? We are less likely to stumble onto luck if we aren’t even sure what we want. Talk to your kid about setting an intention for something they want and setting goals to go after that intention. If we want things to work in our favor, we must first take action.
  • Preparation - What can we do to prepare for the thing that we want? Do we need to learn a new skill? Go to a specific location? Exercise and build up strength? Preparing for luck will make it more likely to happen.
  • Opportunity - Once we release our need to control everything, set an intention, and do what we can to get ready - then we must learn to pay attention. Opportunity knocks all the time but we don’t always recognize it. 


Even using the best practices, luck is elusive and hard to achieve. However, the more we take action towards what we want, the more likely that Lady Luck will swoop in and give us just the right push to be successful. Good luck!


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