#ChampionMom - Self Care for Tired Moms

By: bchauveau Sunday February 7, 2021 comments


Self-care has become quite the buzz phrase and we know you Champion Moms are in sore need of all the self-care you can get. 


However, the trends for self-care often require moms to set aside time (and money) that may not be reasonable in order to ‘make space’ for themselves. While a fancy massage is nice, it’s not a requirement for self-care.


Here are our best tips for busy and tired moms to take better care of themselves this year:


  • Find Support - If you don’t have the time to rest and care for yourself now, it’s not going to magically appear tomorrow. You need a support system. Get loved ones on board with taking the children for short periods of time. Asking for help is hard. We know. But self-care can’t happen if you have to be the center of everything at every moment. Start recruiting!


  • Be Realistic - A day at the spa is a lovely dream but if you don’t have the funds in your budget, you’ll need to pivot to something more reasonable. Start by remembering what you used to love doing before you became a mom. Did you love to read? Journal? Jog? Paint? Maybe you just need a good nap. It doesn’t have to be expensive to care for yourself. If it feels overwhelming, or like a chore, it probably is and you should find something that helps you relax and feeds your soul.


  • Focus on Health - Even if you can’t spare a second, changing to healthier habits is one way to care for yourself. You’ll have more energy and a better outlook on the world if your body doesn’t feel exhausted all the time. Examine your exercise and eating habits and incorporate small changes and you’ll start feeling great in no time!


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