Tips on Traveling with Pets

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Spring is well in force and it's time to come out of hibernation and begin exploring the world around you once again. Maybe that is why April is the perfect time for Keep America Beautiful month. Keep America Beautiful is an organization hat aims to inspire and educate us to take action every day to improve and beautify our communities. In order to do that, we have to go out and begin experiencing what our local areas have to offer!

While out and about, keep beautification in mind. Remember to pick up after yourself. Scouts have a concept called Leave No Trace, which is basically a process of leaving an area better then it was when you found it. Small trash bags are easy to carry and can be used to clean up spaces. Carry seeds and distribute them appropriately. Take the time to plant some trees. Stay on the paths to keep from damaging the local flora and fauna. This are just some ways you can easily improve your local outdoor destinations.

Taking Your Pets on Trips

In Colorado, we love our pets. They've been cooped up all winter as well. Grab the pets and the kids and get outside already! What are some great places to take your pets? Our state has loads of local parks, trails and paths. You don't have to go to the mountains and plan a big hike. There are many options near your very neighborhood.

Checked out your closest dog park yet? Love going to local events and festivals? Check out this website for ideas! Short trips to Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Boulder, or Golden offer plenty of opportunities to get out, explore and discover something new. Colorado is pretty pet friendly and many outdoor spaces welcome your four legged loved ones.

Want to go even further? Here is a Colorado Dog Travel Guide for additional ideas and inspiration.

Tips for Travelling with Pets

Travelling with pets will require some advance thought and preparation in most cases, in order to minimize frustration and messes. Here are our top ideas when it comes to traveling with your pets:

  • Take some practice trips to get your pet used to riding and determine how they will react.

  • Don't feed your pet before putting them in the car. An empty stomach is best.

  • Crack windows and keep the vehicle ventilated.

  • Be sure you put your pet in a safe space and limit their movement, if needed.

  • Have your pet get a checkup before traveling.

  • Pack items of comfort such as favorite toys, water, food and treats.

  • Contact destinations ahead of time to ensure they are pet-friendly.

  • Never leave your pet unattended in your vehicle.

Fur Removal Tips

The key to removing pet fur from your car upholstery, or anywhere else, is using the right tools. Lint roller brushes are great for smaller pets that don't shed as much. They are pretty much an essential for pet owners.

Groomer gloves can do double duty as a fur cleaner and grooming item. They can be purchased or you can use damp rubber gloves to achieve a similar effect. Check out the local grocery or department store for products that are specific for pet hair.

Invest in a decent vacuum cleaner - one designed to tackle tough pet hair. It may hurt your pocketbook in the beginning but it's well worth the investment in the long term.

Groom your pet professionally, or at home, before allowing them to get into your car. This preventative measure will help reduce fur significantly. If grooming them at home, try to do it outside.

Making Organic Pet Treats for Your Trip

To make the adventuring even more special, make some organic treats for your pets before heading out. Here are some recipe ideas to get you started.

10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes and Organic Treats

Organic Dog Treats Recipes and Buying Guide

Homemade Organic Spinach and Chicken Cat Treats

Martha Stewart's Tastiest Homemade Dog Treats

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Tips for Car Travel With Dogs

First, remember to be prepared: make sure you have all of your doggie essentials before you get into the car: leash, collar, treats, food, food and water bowls, favorite toys...etc.

Some people recommend taking your dog crate with you on the trip. (

If you feel the need to restrain your pet on the journey, make sure you chose the right car-restraint for your pet.

As with your children, your dog matches your behavior and your mood. If you are calm, you are more likely to inspire peace and tranquility in your dog.

Be prepared to make frequent stops to release energy and allow for bathroom breaks.

If you want to protect your seats and guard against pet hair, check out this pet hammock ( or other car accessories ( )

Summer is coming along with the many adventures and fun. Make sure you are prepared to enjoy adventures with your dog in tow.

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