Sun, Sand, and Safety

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Sun, Sand & Safety

Sun exposure is very important to our health, especially in the winter months. It's needed in order for our bodies to process Vitamin D. Luckily, our bodies don't need much to maintain healthy levels. Summer months mean more fun in the sun, but also more exposure to harmful UV rays. Overexposure can cause skin damage, eye damage, suppression of the immune system, and skin cancer.

We have some great tips for keeping you and your kids healthy and happy during these hot months.

  1. Use Sunscreen. Did you know that UV exposure still happens under cloud cover? Melanin protects our body from harmful rays, but it is limited. Keep in mind that sweat, water, and time will lessen the effectiveness of sunscreen, so reapply as needed. The manufacturer will have a recommended reapplication time. If you've got a kiddo (like mine) who won't stay still, try a sunscreen that changes color as it's applied. If you're afraid of losing track of time, try a color-changing sunscreen that changes when it stops working. Also, make sure to use a UV chapstick to protect the lips.

  2. Use sunglasses with UV protection. It doesn't take much to damage the eyes, and all sunglasses aren't made the same. Darkened plastic isn't enough protection. As a matter of fact, it causes the pupils to dilate, further enabling the damage to the cornea. You want specialized UV lenses. Look for the 100% UV protection label. They're a little more expensive, but for eye health, they're more than worth it. If your kiddo doesn't like wearing sunglasses, try to set an example by wearing them yourself. For water adventurers, there are UV swim goggles as well.

  3. Read the warning labels on medications. You probably think this is an odd one, but there are many medications that will increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun. Prescription antibiotics and acne medications are the worst offenders. If you have any questions or doubts, please ask your doctor or pharmacist for any sun-exposure risk factors in the medications your child takes.

  4. Cover up. Clothes are an effective barrier to UV exposure, but so is shade. Wearing brimmed hats, using umbrellas, and wearing protective clothing are three ways to help keep your child's skin safe. Remember that short hair and parts in the hair will open the scalp up to sunburn.

  5. Limit play between 10 AM and 4 PM. The sun's UV rays are at their strongest during this time. Remember, a cloudy day is still as dangerous, so maintain proper skin protection.

Now go out, have fun, and enjoy your summer! Don't forget to take care of yourself as well! Do any Champion Moms have effective sun tips they'd like to share? Let us know in comments.

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