Stress Free Pet Ownership

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Champion - Stress Free Pet Ownership

Whether you have one pet or multiple animal family members, keeping your home clean and unaffected by pet ownership can be difficult. As with most areas of our lives, having a solid and consistent plan is all any family needs to maintain a comfortable and beautiful living space even with animals.

Set Some Rules

Even if you aren't getting your pet any formal training, setting some ground rules from day one will help quite a bit with cleanliness. First, you need to decide which areas of the house are going to be off limits for your pets. This isn't to be mean. It is simply to allow you to focus on cleaning specific areas instead of getting overwhelmed with having pet messes everywhere. Consider keeping the pets off the fabric upholstery including the sofa, chairs and bedding.

Pet Care

Consistent pet care will help you keep up with potential problems. Having your pet regularly groomed will cut back on pet hair. This is especially important during season changes as pets shed and gain new fur coats.

Regular exercise is also beneficial. So is consistent quality time playing and caring for your pet. A pet that is neglected in any way will become bored or potentially act out and this could include scratching, chewing and leaving piles around the house.


Find an area of the house where pet food and spills can be easily cleaned. If there is an outer room, such as a utility area, then use that. Invest in proper bowls and dishes. Do not place food containers on or near any carpet. Purchase some rugs to place under the dishes to help catch any spills. Be sure to regularly clean out the dishes with dishwashing liquid and hot water to protect the area from both messes and bacteria. Think about limiting feeding times, like your family's regular meals, instead of leaving food out all day. This will allow you to build in time to clean up right away after your pet is done eating.


The key to minimizing puddles and accidents is to properly train your pet from the start. If your pet doesn't take to your efforts, it could be time to invest in some official pet training. These techniques up front will save you tons of frustration and effort later.

Pet Hair

If you have a pet that sheds, you are going to need to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner; one designed to tackle animal hair. For upholstery and fabric, use a wet rubber glove to remove hair. You can also use the rubber gloves to get loose fur off the pets. Groom your pet outside, if possible. Find pet bedding that is both comfortable for your animal but can also easily be cleaned. Change your filters often as well to keep your indoor air quality in great condition.

Accidents Happen

No matter how good your pet is and how much effort you put in, accidents will happen. Pets get sick or you get too busy and skip a part of your routine. The important thing is to have a plan in place for accidents. Spills and messes should be attended to as quickly as possible to keep from staining. Stock up on some quality carpet cleaning products and understand how they work.

With cats, it's imperative that you clean the litter box out regularly. It should be attended to daily, more often if there are multiple felines. Change it out and start fresh every 10 days. Be sure to clean the box out with a bleach solution before refilling it. Also, it's a good idea to complete replace the litter box at least once a year.

Want to maintain your carpet's condition? Plan to call a professional carpet cleaning company to come in and do some steam cleaning about twice a year. No matter how meticulous you are with your cleaning, nothing works as well as a regular deep clean. Those pet odors can be stubborn and, even if you can't smell it, your pets can. That means those spots are future targets for your animals.

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