Please don’t tell me what’s in my commercial air duct

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We have experienced some horror stories, and heard about even more regarding the things we have found in a commercial air duct. But most people are bothered by the day to day stuff, not the horrors. But, I know for curiosity sake, you want to know. So, what's really in your air ducts and what have we found in others?

  1.   A sandwich

Yes, a literal sandwich. Don't ask us how it got down there, but considering we were cleaning a commercial air duct, we have a feeling it was strategically placed there by either a disgruntled employee as he left out the front door, all his office supplies in hand, or someone possibly wanting a few days off while investigations into "that horrible smell" were made. It reminded us of the silly behavior that one might find on The Office, not in a commercial air duct. Bad odors are one of the reasons we get called out to clean ducts.

  1.   Waste

Another reason businesses choose to get their ducts cleaned is due to a known rodent problem. These critters can leave urine and feces behind in the ducts when they scamper through or nest there. The Center for Disease Control offers this warning:
"When there is evidence that rodents have access to heating and cooling ventilation systems, it is best to contact a professional rodent exterminating service to remove them. Companies specializing in duct cleaning are familiar with the particular problems and risks associated with rodent infestation in ventilation systems." Source: Center for Disease Control

Humans are more civilized than rodents and don't use the vents for a bathroom, except in the case of certain toddlers, as told in the blog: Vent 911: Seriously? Did my son just pee in my heating duct?

  1.   Construction Debris

When moving into a new space, it is not uncommon to find dry wall, wood, rags and significant dust in the vents. It is a good idea whenever there is new construction or renovations, to have a commercial air duct cleaning done. Building ventilation can transmit respiratory infections, carbon monoxide, smoke, molds, bacteria, chemicals from cleaning products, pesticides and more. Dust will hold onto these, so dust needs to be cleaned out. Maybe you will get lucky and find a wallet too.

  1.      Mold and Allergens

We know Joan always complains about the cold and Susan always complains about the hot, on the same day, so here is another reason to get the HVAC guy there. Asthma, allergies and respiratory problems can be a result of mold and mold can grow anywhere there is moisture the spores can attach to. Controlling the moisture in the system is the most helpful way to control mold, so a certified HVAC technician should be servicing the heating and cooling units on a regular basis to ensure it is working properly and not creating moisture in the commercial air duct system.

And, Lisa with her 4 cats and Tom with his 5 dogs bring all that pet hair and dander into the office as well. This too can release allergens which can make their way into the commercial air duct. And while you can't force employees to vacuum themselves before entering work, you can clean the ducts.

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