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planning holiday road trip

Yes, 3 kids in a car means there is now a BIG MESS!

Champion Carpet Cleaning does more than just carpet cleaning, we do upholstery cleaning as well, which includes automobile upholstery! Here are some tips to keep your car clean and your sanity intact while on a road trip this holiday season:

Check the weather

Checking the weather will help with knowing if you need items like boots, hats and coats, but it will also help with knowing if you need chains for your tires. Consider a coating of Scotchgard for your seats and bring a dozen or so grocery bags for clean up. These are great as they are cheap and allow each kid their own trash can. They can also be used to hold soiled shoes or clothes until they can be taken care of, or even for each child to have their own bag of supplies- toys, games, snacks, or whatever they may need to reach.

Tune up your car

Do you have enough oil, windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze? Getting your car tuned up and looked over before your road trip will increase your safety and reduce your stress. Make sure your tires look good and that you have at least some minor tools- like jumper cables, a spare tire and a jack.

Get prepared

Put together a tote of items to be used in case of an emergency. This can include a flashlight, first aid kit and medications. In your regular packing, you will probably already have a change of clothes, a blanket, water and snacks. If not, add those into your emergency tote. I also put baby wipes, toilet paper and plastic bags in my emergency tote. I also stash some cash in the glove box, just in case.

Kid safety is priority

Check that any carseats are installed correctly. Make sure all items that can go into your child's mouth, ears or nose (I only say this because it happened to me), are able to be monitored while you are driving. Remember also that in the case of a car accident, all loose items can become projectiles. Have a plan to keep things stored when they aren't being used.

Get the gear

Kids can get bored, so consider portable games and movies. Be sure to pack any power cords for these devices as well. If you don't have a GPS, consider one now as well to avoid time sucking detours. Some libraries will let you borrow certain gadgets, so check there if you are on a budget.

Plan for fun

It is a good idea to have a plan of where you are going and what stops you may make, however being too rigid can increase your stress. You don't need to have each rest stop planned, and honestly, if you do, you will still have a kiddo need to go to the bathroom 5 minutes after the planned stop. You will also likely see a museum or tourist trap you can't resist- you only live once so stop, stretch and support goofy American enterprise.

When you are back in town, give Champion Carpet Cleaning a call for a quick clean up of your car upholstery so you can start the New Year off with a fresh clean car. Oh, and drive safe!

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