Kick Spring Into Action: Don’t Set the Stain!

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Champion - Kick Spring Into Action

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Notice some stubborn stains that you'd really like to get rid of? Here are some tips for springing into action and getting rid of both new and set stains for good.


It happened. The stain everyone tries to avoid. Someone spilled wine onto your carpet. It's okay! You don't have to ban wine drinking from your living room. There are some methods you can try at home to get rid of the pesky spot. Believe it or not, vodka could be a solution to your stain problem. It doesn't need to be pricy vodka either, the low cost stuff works just as well. Avoid the flavored options though as the additives in those products will reduce the alcohol's effectiveness and could cause your floor to be come sticky.

Red Wine

Got a red wine spill? If it's fresh, go ahead and grab your salt container. Salt works to absorb the liquid from the floor, which will make stain removal easier. Once the salt has done it's job - try a carpet cleaning product for stains. Also, oxi type products work well with set stains if it's allowed to sit on the spot for a few hours. Some people suggest using white wine to clean a red wine stain - however, the fruit juice component of the wine always includes color from the fruit no matter how clear it may seem.

Pet Urine

Got pets? If you do, the occasional accident is going to happen. It's nearly impossible to avoid. The smell of pet urine is a turn off for everyone. While it might be simple to clean the stain, eliminating the odor is often more complicated. Vinegar might be just the trick to getting rid of that smell once and for all. The ammonia in the urine is the cause of the smell and the acid in the vinegar helps to neutralize it.

Are those suggestions not useful for your problem? It's time to call in a professional! Champion Carpet & Upholstery specializes in both the disaster messes and the everyday dirt that accumulates on your floors. Would you like to have a qualified, steam cleaning crew on hand more often - we have maintenance membership plans that will save you money! We have over 25 years of happy clients and want to do the same for you.

stay beautiful

Do you have frequent carpet cleaning needs or run a commercial facility? Check out our Stay Beautiful Maintenance Plan. You will receive the same great clean and guaranteed service on a monthly basis. This is great for commercial facilities, especially if there is frequent food or beverage consumption on site. The Stay Beautiful package is a complete maintenance plan to keep your facility looking beautiful all year long!


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