Keeping Your Pet Happy to Prevent Damage While Away

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Pets are creatures with emotions and motivations. When they are upset, they will react. This will, of course, be a different reaction depending on the animal's particular disposition. Our furry friends experience disappointment, fear, anger and separation anxiety. Unfortunately, an unsupervised animal that is under duress will cause damage to personal property.

When a pet is stressed, the most common issue is that they will have 'accidents' throughout the home. This includes your carpet, bedding and upholstery. Other potential problems that could arise from an upset animal include scratching, digging, as well as chewing on furniture and other personal items.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy

If you need to leave your pet home alone for any length of time, some thought and consideration ahead of time will do wonders. While it's not a good idea to leave an animal without supervision for long periods of time, people need to work and support their families. Therefore, here are some techniques you can incorporate to improve conditions at home while you are out.

  • Prepare the area - You should think of having a pet in the same way as having a toddler. Take into consideration which areas of the home your pet should have access to during the day and which should be off limits. Install baby gates or other tools to limit access in order to safeguard specifics areas of your home.

  • Make the space comfortable - Be sure to create a space for your animal family member that is warm, inviting and comfortable. Having their own bed, toys, access to water and personal belongings will help to entertain them and deter them from chewing up your property.

  • Background noise - Sometimes leaving on a radio or the television will calm an animal and possibly cover up noises from outdoors that might disturb them.

  • Practice Runs - If it's the first time you are leaving them alone, build in some practice runs first. Leave for a short amount of time and then gradually increase the length of time you are gone. This will prepare them for your future departures and teach them that you will return soon to ease anxiety.

  • Establish a routine - Put together a routine with your pet that you incorporate before you leave each day and when you come home. Knowing what to expect will ease the transition for your pet.

Make Your Pet Feel Special

An animal that feels accepted and loved will behave better than one that is neglected. Want to go the extra mile? Here are some places in Denver that you can go to pick up some special treats for your furry friend.

Cosmo's Dog Biscuit Bakery -
Two Pals & a Pup -
P.C.'s Pantry -
Smart Cookie Dog Treats -

Recipe for Homemade Coconut Dog Treats

Want to make your pup treats at home? Here is a great recipe from Pretty Fluffy for some No Bake Coconut Dog Treats to go that extra mile for your dog.

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