Keeping the Family Outside This Summer

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Keeping the Family Outside This Summer

The final school bells are ringing for the year and the temperatures are rising. That means one thing: Summer! If your kids are anything like mine, they have high expectations of 24/7 gaming marathons while being surrounded by snacks and drinks that Mom will deliver with a smile. Sorry, kiddos. This summer we're all about enjoying the weather, local flavor, and not turning the house into a hoarder's playground of food wrappers, plates, dishes, and three thousand toys that no one wants to pick up.

Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to enjoy fun in the sun this wonderful season without breaking the bank.

  1. A day trip. Do some quick research about your local area. Orchards and farms will occasionally invite people to come in and pick a bushel or barrel of their fruits, vegetables, or nuts at a great price. Are there creaks, rivers, or other water locations that the kids would want to see? A picnic outing may be perfect. You'd be surprised what gems may be hidden close by.

  2. Outside games. Set up some great games. Badminton, volleyball, basketball, and other sports are all-time favorites. A croquet set could be fun. Hula hoops, jump ropes and other outdoor toys are great for entertaining kids outdoors.

  3. Chalk it up. Sidewalk chalk is the absolute best. You can play hopscotch, create a road for cars to play on, "paint" pictures, etc.. And the best part? It washes away with water. Make sure everyone washes off the chalk dust before they come back inside, however.

  4. Water sports. Pools, theme parks, water sport activities and more come to life during the summer months. Annual passes will save you money, but only if you actively use them. Check out your local YMCA for affordable access to pools.

  5. Be a tourist in your own town. Did you know most museums offer summer passes and occasionally free family nights during the summer? Dollar theatres offer amazing discounts. Local fairs, flea markets, craft shows, car shows, etc. are always popular during the summer months. Pick up a copy of Colorado Parent at your local grocery store or type in "Family fun" and your town's name in a search to find out more about your options. Please don't think you have to spend money, however.

  6. Invite the kids to come up with their own ideas. Imagination is like a smoldering fire. All it needs is a little focus, some kindling, and a spark for it to become an inferno of fun.

  7. At a complete loss? Pinterest has a ton of great ideas for keeping your kids busy and outside enjoying the sunshine.

We hope you find these ideas inspirational. The more you keep your kiddos outside, the less cleaning and maintenance you will need to do indoors this summer. Do you have great ideas for family fun in the sun this summer? If so, let us know in comments!

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