In Honor of National Mom & Pop Business Owner Day!

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Every March 29th, we recognize and support all locally owned businesses and the brave people who found and run them. Running a small company or business is not something that just anyone has the motivation or skill set for, but this sort of innovation is exactly what every community needs. The United States had over 28 million small businesses in 2011, covering 97.1% of businesses employed by Americans.

This day is of particular importance to the folks here at Champion. We have been providing professional carpet cleaning in the Metro area for over two decades. Founded in 1990 by owners DJ and Brenda Chauveau, Champion is a family business specializing in carpet cleaning and upholstery care. These individuals are carrying a long-standing tradition of entrepreneurial spirit in their respective families. Here is a sampling of some of the businesses founded and operated by family members associated with Champion.

Downey Furniture

In the 1950's, Gladys & Don Downey owned many companies. This versatile couple started their own diner restaurant in Iowa, grain mill company, and furniture chain. The furniture chain was the true legacy as Downey Furniture was handed down through the generations and developed into a chain of furniture retailers. Downey Furniture operated locations in Kimball, NE; Greeley, CO; Eaton, CO; Sterling, CO; Iliff, CO; Evans, CO; and Berthoud, CO.

Dean Furniture

Over time Downey Furniture was passed down to Don's son, Dean Downey. Eventually the store morphed into Dean Furniture, keeping the family business and tradition but changing the name. Dean also owned an auction house. Learning to remove wine stains from fabric and upholstery care is simply in Champion's DNA! Eventually Dean's Furniture was handed down to one of his sons.

Rick's Furniture

Dean's other son took to the furniture business as well and started Rick's Furniture in Greeley, CO. That location is still around to mark this legacy of business ownership.

Dean Downey also had two daughters that started their own businesses. One owned a family child care center for 15 years in Eaton, CO. That may be why we connect so well with Champion Moms!

The other daughter is Brenda, co-owner of Champion Carpet & Upholstery Care!

Brenda's husband is no stranger to family business ownership either. DJ Chauveau's great-grandfather, Adrien, owned his own tile business in Europe for over sixty years! Tuile Tile was the inspiration for many other mom and pop companies when his children came of age.

One of his son's owned his own vineyard, one of his daughter's started her own Italian bakery, and another daughter has a bar and restaurant in Corsica. Our family recipe highlight every month is easily inspired by our Italian-French heritage!

DJ and Brenda are proud to continue the legacy of being Mom and Pop Business Owners today and sharing their knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit with their children and family.

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