Did Easter Explode All Over Your House?

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Champion - Did Easter Explode All Over Your House

Here Are Some Easter Time Clean Up Tips & Tricks

Easter is an exciting time of year. The weather is turning and color is returning to the world. That is probably why Easter decorations and activities are so darn colorful! While that will make your house look pretty and evoke the essence of Spring - sometimes it can be a bit too colorful. If your family has had a little too much fun and it looks like the Easter Bunny had a birthday party at your place, these suggestions might help to get your living areas back to normal.

Easter Grass

Easter grass and tinsel looks great for padding baskets but can be a real pain to clean up. A vacuum may grab some of the pesky strings but will struggle to get them all. There are some simple household items that can make this chore less frustrating. Grab a lint roller to help pick up stragglers. If that isn't doing the trick, wrap some duct tape around your hand instead.


If your kids go crazy with Easter crafts, glitter might be an issue. Glitter is a stubborn problem that needs a multi-layer solution. First, take a damp paper towel and clean up as much as possible. Try not to spread it around. Then, using a dryer sheet, attempt to move all the tiny pieces as close together as you can. Take out your vacuum and see if you can suction the glitter out of sight. If there are still pieces of glitter left behind use a lint roller, duct tape or a balloon to motivate the glitter to move out.

Easter Egg Dye

Egg dye looks beautiful on eggs but it's not so great on your carpets or furniture. If one of your little ones got carried away with all the bright colors, try some of these methods to ban the dye from your fabrics or flooring.

  • Detergent Mixture - It's important that you proceed with caution using this solution. The wrong type of ingredients could damage your carpet. Avoid laundry detergent because it often contains optical brighteners which could change the color of your carpet. Automatic dishwashing detergents include bleaching agents which is also bad news. What you want is about ΒΌ tsp of liquid dishwashing detergent and a cup of lukewarm water. Be certain to rinse the area with warm water thoroughly, leaving no detergent residues behind. This is to avoid soiling the area.

  • Ammonia - This time mix together a tbsp of household ammonia and a cup of warm water. As with any product, test an area first to make sure it does not change color.

  • Stain Remover - If you have access to a carpet cleaning product that has worked in the past, go ahead and use it again. It won't hurt to try and it might do the trick in getting your carpet back to its usual coloring.

  • None of these tricks work? It's time to call in a carpet cleaning professional. Professional carpet cleaning companies see problems like this all the time and know just what to do to tackle any tough stain.

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