Champion Mom: Keeping it Clean, Family-Style

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Champion - Keeping it Clean, Family Style

Life is busy and sometimes messy. No one knows that better than parents, especially when you're talking about keeping a house in order. As a Champion Mom, you do a lot already. There is no reason why the sole burden of keeping up with the housework should fall on your shoulders. It's time to spread the wealth, so to speak, and encourage the other people at home to pitch in and do their part.

That to-do list of things that need to get done becomes dependent on everyone in the home pitching in to help. Their version of clean versus your vision will probably not line up, but it may be easier to realign their expectations than you think.

How many times have you sent your kids to "clean up their room" only to find a small change (if any), hours later? Or a honey to list that simply doesn't get accomplished? Instead of a generic statement, specific instructions may keep them focused.

Here are some pointers that may help:

  1. Zone cleaning for the house. Instead of focusing on all parts of the house at once, you can create zones that need to be tackled daily (or weekly). This allows everyone to focus on one area.

  2. Zones can be further broken down inside their bedrooms. Create areas inside their room for them to work on. For example, each kid could have seven zones inside their room. They're responsible for one zone a day (making the bed is zone zero, it has to happen every day). This makes it easier to focus on just that section.

  3. Create a dedicated time to clean. Individual schedules may vary based on after school programs, sports, etc., but there should be a dedicated cleaning time. If that's impossible, set up a thirty-minute timer for some fast cleaning. Turn it into a game, a race to completion.

  4. Divide assignments based on what each member of the family team is good at or interested in to help keep them invested.

Unfortunately, there are times where that giant home cleaning to-do list can become overwhelming. If you're constantly on the go with every second of your day scheduled, carpets and upholstery may get neglected. If that happens, why not let a professional cleaning service give you a hand? Let someone else clean up the stains on your favorite chair or get that strange purple spot off the hallway carpet. You work hard too. Don't you deserve this reward? Our Stay Beautiful plan will help you get this done automatically throughout the year to take the burden off your shoulders of having to remember to set it all up.

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