Champion Mom - Why You Should Invest in a Monthly Maintenance Plan

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Champion Mom - Why You Should Invest in a Monthly Maintenance Plan

Parents face more obstacles every day than people know. It's so hectic from morning to night balancing deadlines, school events, housework, cooking, cleaning, and more. From crayon marks on the furniture to the giant cup of fruit punch soaking into the carpet, it feels like the cleaning is never done.

We've been there, and you don't have to face it alone. Let us help you maintain balance. Our Stay Beautiful Program is a promise from us to you. We guarantee that your carpet will maintain its high appearance level without additional stress. Our system lets you get a year-round solution for about the cost of a one-time annual cleaning.

We love our customers and want you to have the best possible solution for your carpet-cleaning needs. Want to know more?

With the Stay Beautiful Program, we will come to your home at least every six months. The first visit will clean all the open areas of your home and six months later we'll do a wall-to-wall thorough cleaning.

Signing up for our service agreement has never been easier. Coordinate a visit with our team. You'll pay for the initial cleaning, and then invest 10% of the total cleaning price each additional month. The service agreement price is calculated for you at your initial cleaning and covers the next YEAR of service.

Then, over the next twelve months and with the cost of a little over an annual cleaning, you get two visits instead of one at no additional out of pocket expense.

It may seem that with kids and pets and work, you are never caught up on everything you need to get done. Our Stay Beautiful monthly maintenance plan takes one of those to do list items off your plate and allows you to come home and enjoy a clean home after a long day.

Let us give you peace of mind with a solid guarantee. You're always on the go with a to-do list a mile long. Leave the carpets, and that fruit punch stain to us. You deserve a break. Call Champion today.

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