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"Champion Mom"


The Blog you have all been waiting for!

Welcome to "Champion Mom"! This blog is a hosting place for our crazy Frenchican (French-Mexican) family drama! We are Jesse "The Mexican", Christine "The French Giraffe", and our 3 kids: Veh "The Veh Factor", J-Man, and T-The Terror! Let's not forget our 3 dogs and rotating staff members! (Let me just mention GOOD HELP is so hard to find! But don't get me started. . . . .) We'll cover a variety of topics here, such as professional good carpet-care tips, small-business ideas, and employee management topics. And naturally, there will be regular ol' life & family tips, gluten-free recipes, and the ever-present funny "mom" moments! There's never a dull moment in the Champion Household, where I'm just trying to raise happy, healthy kids that don't hate my guts and make good choices. Can I get an AMEN?!

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Nevaeh ice skating

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