Why Your Business Needs a Floor Maintenance Plan

By: christineh Monday December 10, 2018 comments

When it comes to having a business maintenance plan for your floor, a lot of managers tend to want to save a few bucks by thinking they can handle this all in-house. After all, they have staff sweep or vacuum, so what more could there be? Actually, quite a lot. 

A professional maintenance plan for your business is a must. Your office provides your customers and clients with the first impression of your company. If your carpets are dingy and your hardwood floors are chipped and dirty, they are going to think less of doing business with you. And that can lose you money in the long run.

Here’s how a floor maintenance plan can help you:

How it works—With an annual service plan, you can think of it as buying a warranty on your floors. You are getting a routine servicing of your floors periodically in return for making sure that they stay looking great. If you were to buy a warranty on an HVAC system, then you would get regular services to ensure that it runs. But there is no way to guarantee that your HVAC is ever going to break down. With a carpeting service agreement, you know that you are going to get your money’s worth because the carpet is most certainly going to need work and it is going to decline in quality and appearance over time.

Benefit #1: Appearance—This brings us to a major benefit of getting a service plan. If you get an annual cleaning, then your carpet will gradually look more and more worn until suddenly, after the cleaning, it springs back to life. But it is never quite as resilient, never quite as shiny and new, as it once was. The following year, the same thing happens, but again the carpet is a little bit worse for wear even after the cleaning. But with a regular service plan, the carpet is guaranteed to stay at about the same level of quality overall for years. It may not look like it was just installed the day before, but the quality is much more consistent, giving your customers a much more consistent view of your company.

Benefit #2: Savings—While it may seem like an unneeded expense that could be handled in house, we have something for you to consider. How much money will it cost to provide the same level of care and service? Just the initial outlay of money to buy professional floor cleaning equipment can run you thousands of dollars. When you add in the need for chemicals, both to clean carpet stains or to seal hardwood and tile, you are looking at a constant expenditure. Then consider the employee aspect of this situation. You will have to train employees who can handle this regular workload. By outsourcing to a professional flooring company, you are getting the use of their equipment and chemicals as well as a trained professional staff that knows how to truly care for your flooring so that it will last for years. And by keeping your floors looking good as new for longer, you are also saving yourself the cost of having to replace that flooring as much. 

It should be clear that the benefits of having a professional floor maintenance plan far outweighs any of the potential negatives such as cost. By hiring a professional company, you are getting their expert knowledge and professional equipment, plus consistent attention that will translate to beautiful floors.

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