Why Retail Needs a Commercial Cleaning Plan

By: christineh Thursday June 8, 2017 comments

We have written a lot of previous blogs stating how important it is to keep your home and commercial space clean, but maybe you did not think that included retail as too. Well, it definitely does! Sure for most retail companies, part of their employees’ job description is to help keep the facility looking clean and presentable. However, most of these daily tasks are only surface level. What may look tidy at first glance is really quite the opposite when you take an in depth look. Here are 4 of the main reasons you should consider establishing a commercial cleaning plan for your retail space as well.

Keeping up with general maintenance

When you make general maintenance a regular practice in your retail space, you are able to avoid some potentially painful bills down the road. This includes regular cleanings, but also routine checkups for all lighting fixtures, appliances, HVAC systems, and plumbing. If these areas are often overlooked and are not regularly serviced, it can result in damages and loss of business. If your electrical system shuts down, not only will you be without lighting, but also the use of other electricity required assets like your cash registers and anti-theft systems. The same goes for your HVAC system and plumbing. No one wants to shop somewhere that the air conditioning or heater is broken or the toilets are overflowing. Keeping up with general maintenance and regular system inspections will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Preserving the quality of your merchandise

In retail, the quality of your retail is important. Depending on what your merchandise is, the quality of air and the areas around your products matter too. If you have products that are sitting around collecting dust, this can make your goods look less appealing and can even damage the materials as well. The same goes for the shelves and racks that it is displayed on, if they are dirty or perhaps someone spilled something on them then your merchandise is in danger of becoming damaged as well. Sure you might find someone willing to buy a stained shirt, but you will bet they will ask for a discount.

Improving your employees’ health

This is so important. Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Without them showing up, your doors would not be able to open. In order to help reduce call outs and a high turnover, a clean and pleasant work environment is vital. If the air your employees breathe is clean and the surfaces that they touch are germ free, not only will you help prevent illness, but also boost their overall moral. Also, be sure that all flooring in your building is well maintained. A slip on wet tile or a trip on some frayed carpet can lead to an employee injury and a workman’s comp case. Accidents happen occasionally, but doing your best to prevent some would be to your benefit.

Retaining the quality of your brand and reputation

Overall, your business is built on your brand and your reputation. If your retail space is well maintained and always looks great and run efficiently, then your customers will keep coming back. Have the reputation of a run down and dirty facility is never beneficial to a company and tarnishes their name. Implementing a regular commercial cleaning plan for your retail space will avoid all of that help you continue to build your business and run towards success!

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