What Is the Best Way to Clean Tile Floors?

By: christineh Monday September 10, 2018 comments

It goes without saying that we want our business to look its best when a customer walks through the door.  Like it or not, within the first few seconds of entering, your customers are judging you based on the cleanliness and décor of your business space. 

If your tile floors are dull or dirty, then clients are going to have a negative view of the quality of your company.  The easiest way to fix this is with a professional cleaning crew that can come in regularly and gets them shining bright and clean. 

But in the meantime, to keep them looking ship-shape, here’s what you need to do to clean those tile floors:

Getting Started

Before you do anything, make sure that you sweep up regularly to get rid of accumulations, particularly dirt and sand.  Then, mop the floor using either a “sham” style mop or a cloth.  If you use a sponge-style mop, then you will push the dirt and dirty water into the grout lines.  That’s going to make them look bad and also make it tougher to clean them later.

About That Grout

Speaking of grout, it is really the area you want to be sure to clean as it can make a tile floor stand out (for good or bad).  Combine water with baking soda and then rub the solution into the grout if it has become stained.  After letting it absorb, scrub it with a brush made from nylon, not metal.  (If you use a metal brush or one that is too stiff, you run the risk of damaging your tile.) 

Another option is to use the scrub-brush attachment on a steam cleaner.  After you get it cleaned, you can also add a sealant to your grout to prevent future problems.

Soap Stains

Mopping can make your tile look great, but sometimes the soap can actually accumulate and leave stains on the tile as well.  If this is the problem, you can squirt lemon juice or white vinegar on the stains and then simply rinse it off with water and a clean cloth.

Your floors are important to your business’s décor and their appearance is an essential part of winning over customers.  By keeping those tiles well maintained and cleaned, you can prolong their life and make sure that your business looks professional.

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