What Do Your Customers See When They Visit Your Commercial Facility?

By: christineh Monday October 22, 2018 comments

You’ve probably heard the old saying that first impressions are everything, and nowhere is that more obvious than in a business. When your customers first walk through the door, you have an opportunity to convert them to life-long clients. But, if you blow that chance by having a shabby interior, you are throwing away that potential customer relationship.

Here’s what to look for in assessing your office or store:

Carpets and Flooring

One of the things that customers will notice is the floor of the office building. If that floor is dingy or dirty, then they are going to make negative assumptions about your work. Regular maintenance liking sweeping or vacuuming isn’t enough to keep these clean. You also need to invest in having regular flooring maintenance work like deep cleanings scheduled to keep your carpets look fresh and crisp. 

If a high traffic area becomes threadbare, then it is important to either replace the carpet or at least cover it with a stylish runner or similar area rug. 


It’s also important to keep your wall paint looking fresh and professional. Nicks and scratches on the wall will occur, but if you can keep these maintained regularly, your walls will always look new. Every couple of years, count on getting a fresh paint job to make sure it stays that way.

Windows/Store Front

It is also important to keep your windows clean and free of obstructions. If you clutter the windows with lots of curtains or signs, it seems less inviting and may even suggest that you’re hiding something.  You don’t want your clients to see you as “shady,” so keep these as clean and clutter free as much as possible.


Make sure that your furniture is comfortable. If it is falling apart or is painful to sit on, your customers will want to get out as soon as possible, something that will seriously hurt your business. Find something that is stylish and comfortable, but also rugged enough to withstand frequent use.

If you can take a minute to look around your business and try to see it through the eyes of a customer, then you’ll know just what they see after walking through the door. If there are areas that need to be repaired or better maintained, remember that doing so will help to improve your bottom line.

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