Tips for Cleaning Your Rugs

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You are certainly not the only one who has questions about rug cleaning. When exposed to dirt, grime, and stain-causing substances, most homeowners are unaware of how to care for their rugs. The following tips will help you protect the investment you've made in your home's rugs and floor coverings.

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning of rugs are necessary. In addition, they should be deep-cleaned once a year. For more information about how to clean your rug, please refer to its care label.

There are a number of factors that determine how often your rug needs to be cleaned, including the amount of traffic it receives and whether you have pets. It is a good idea to clean your rug at least once per year, but if the rug is heavily used or exposed to pet accidents, additional cleaning may be needed.

You can wash your rug in your washing machine if it is small enough. It should be washed on a cold setting on a delicate cycle, then dried by air.

For rugs that are too large for the machine, deep cleaning can be done by hand. If you plan to wash and dry it outside, try to do it on a sunny day.

Types of Rugs

Rugs can be made from a variety of materials, including natural and synthetic ones. There are delicate ones and sturdy ones, and all of them require individual care. Taking a look at the rug's tag will reveal what material you're handling and what cleaning instructions it comes with.

Natural Fibers

  • In contrast to other rug materials, wool pile is naturally moisture-resistant and does not absorb liquid as quickly. In the event that you spill something on a wool rug, you'll have a bit more time to clean it up before it stains. 

  • Handle silk rugs with extreme care as they are extremely delicate. In Persian and Oriental rugs, silk is often a prominent feature that needs to be cleaned professionally. Silk can be damaged by just a small amount of moisture, so steam cleaning is not recommended.

  • Cotton rugs aren't only soft and cozy, but they're also durable and surprisingly easy to maintain. A rug detergent and a washing machine are usually sufficient to clean most of them.

  • Rugs made of jute are commonly used indoors and outdoors. Despite its absorbency, it is not easily spot cleaned. The only way to get this done is by using specialized dry shampoo or hiring a professional.

Synthetic Fibers

  • One of the benefits of nylon carpets is that they can withstand heavy traffic. If not cared for properly, it will fade over time, affecting its appearance.

  • Olefin is soft and stain-resistant, unlike nylon, which does not hold its colors well. Heavy traffic, however, can cause rips and tears because it is less durable. 

  • Aside from being stain-resistant, wear-resistant, and fade-resistant, polyester is also affordable and easy to maintain. Your polyester rugs only need to be kept away from oil-based substances to prevent staining.

When cleaning delicate pieces, you should generally turn to an expert rug cleaner with extensive experience to protect your rug. DIYing could result in premature fraying, dye bleeds, or a soapy residue on the fabric if you attempt this. 


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