The Holidays Are Over - Time to Clean Your Upholstery

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The holidays are now officially over and chances are you’re looking around your house wondering just what the heck happened to it. For some, the relatives may have stayed a lot longer than wanted, providing proof of Benjamin Franklin’s maxim that “fish and visitors smell after three days.”

For others, the holiday parties probably left the home looking a little worse-for-wear. So now that you are fully recovered (or getting there), it’s time to start looking at what you can do to help your house and furniture recover. 

Let's focus on your furniture's upholstery. Here’s how to get those couches and chairs looking fresher going into the New Year: 

Why Upholstery Needs Cleaning

There are several reasons why you should clean your upholstery regularly. First and foremost, upholstery that goes without regular cleanings becomes a breeding ground for mold, dust, mildew, and bacteria (and fleas if you have pets). These can cause skin irritation and breathing problems for you and your family.

But besides that major point, regular cleanings will help your furniture last longer as well as improve its appearance. Almost anything can cause abrasions or damage to upholstery, even the moisture in your skin; so it’s important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

How To Clean Upholstery

The easiest way to clean your upholstery is to hire a professional cleaning service. These professionals know how to best treat your furniture so that it will last longer. However, if you do want to try to clean it yourself, then there are a few things to try.

First, vacuum your furniture regularly. If you have a stain that you can’t get out with just a damp cloth, try using a portable steamer. If that doesn’t work, a mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle can work wonders. Just be sure to blot the stain and not rub it as this can tear the fibers of your furniture. If all else fails, then you probably want to let an expert take a crack at it.

The holiday parties don’t have to leave your house trashed. The New Year is the perfect time to get a little early cleaning and maintenance done and your upholstery is one of the best places to start.

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