The Dirtiest Spots in Your Office

By: christineh Monday June 18, 2018 comments

When it comes to keeping your home clean, chances are you already know which areas need the most attention.  But what about your workplace?  You probably don't know what germs and grime are lurking in the hidden areas of your office, and you may not want to know the truth about how dirty those areas can get.   

What you don’t know can hurt you, however, and environmental problems like an unclean workplace can lead to health problems, causing you (or your employees) to lose valuable time at work.  Here’s a run-down on some of the dirtiest spots in your office:


This one should be a no-brainer.  As with any location, the bathroom is a germ magnet.  It’s important to make sure that all of the surfaces get cleaned regularly including the sink, faucet, and toilet. 


This one may surprise you (and keep you from heating up your lunch in the microwave), but the break-room is replete with germs.  Faucet handles, microwave door handles, refrigerator door handles, and vending machine buttons have regularly been shown to have more germs than any other locations in your office and these need to be cleaned regularly.

Keyboards and Desks

As much as these are touched, these also tend to attract and trap germs and grime.  One thing that you need to do is sanitize these as often as possible with something like a Clorox wipe.  Also, be sure you keep the hand sanitizer handy on your desk to prevent exposure to bacteria that could make you ill.


A different kind of cleaning issue comes in the foyer/entryway to your office.  The entryway is where dirt and grime will build up the most in the carpet or tile of your workplace.  This can be a big problem as it is the area seen first by prospective customers and clients and you don't want to leave a negative impression of your office.  That's why it is a good idea to not only clean this area daily, but you need to schedule regular professional cleanings to remove the deep, ground-in dirt.

Your office building and work area is a reflection of your company and makes an impression on your prospective clients.  That's why it is essential to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and routinely plan for deep, professional cleanings to keep the office looking pristine.

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