The Different Types of Professional Carpet Cleaning

By: christineh Wednesday October 11, 2017 comments

When people enter your business, you want to give them a great first impression. You don’t want them walking in and seeing dirty, stained, or smelly carpets. This could turn away potential customers and hurt your business.

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, there are many ways to clean your carpets. Each method offers a different clean for different types of carpet. Here are a few of the most common types of carpet cleaning:

  • Carpet Shampooing is exactly as the name implies--a detergent is applied and then a machine is used to work it into the carpet fibers to help loosen dust and dirt. Once the carpet is dry, the debris gets vacuumed up. This method is very simple, but best used for minor dirt and stains because it only cleans the surface of the carpet.


  • Dry Carpet Cleaning is typically used for routine cleaning. No water is used in this type of cleaning. Instead, a cleaning compound is worked into the carpet using a machine with a rotating brush that works the compound into the carpet. The debris is then vacuumed out of the carpet. There are a few types of dry carpet cleaning including dry compound, encapsulation and bonnet cleaning. This is a great choice for moderately soiled carpets.


  • Steam Cleaning is one of the most efficient methods of carpet cleaning, so it’s quite common. With this method, hot water is sprayed on the carpet using a high-pressure device. It’s the pressure that loosens the dirt trapped in the carpet fibers, and then the dirt is vacuumed up. This is a great option for a deep clean. The hot water also sanitizes the carpet, eliminating bacteria and dust mites.

The type of carpet cleaning that is best will depend on the carpet, the environment, and a recommendation from the carpet manufacturer.  It’s also very important for the life of the carpet to choose a cleaning method that is compatible with the materials that it’s made of. We can help you take the guesswork out of your carpet cleaning. Contact us today to get started.

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