The Benefits of a Floor Maintenance Plan for Your Business

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First impressions in life are always important. When your customers and clients initially walk into your business, it is important for you to make a good first impression. The first thing people will notice is your décor. You want to make sure it’s professional and inviting. If something is out of place or shoddy-looking, it can negatively impact your potential client’s view of the business and wind up losing you money in the long run. And guess what? Your flooring is an important part of your office décor! To keep your carpet or tile flooring in great shape, you may want to consider a floor maintenance plan for your business.

What is a Floor Maintenance Plan?

A floor maintenance plan is an agreement that the cleaning company will come to your business twice a year to do a major cleaning. The first six months will involve a cleaning that covers all the open areas of your office. The second six months will involve a wall-to-wall cleaning of the carpets. As your carpet gets walked on, the quality of the flooring will deteriorate over time. But with a maintenance plan, the appearance of the carpet will be brought back up to almost-new levels.

How Does a Floor Maintenance Plan Work?

The easiest way to explain a floor maintenance plan is for you to think about those warranties you can buy for your vehicle or a major appliance. When you buy that warranty, you are placing a bet that you will need a repair at some point in the future. A five-year warranty on a new car, for instance, is counting on the possibility of a major repair in that five-year time frame. If, however, that car doesn’t need any major repairs during that five years, then the extra money you paid for the warranty has been wasted. Sure, it gives you peace of mind, but it actually hasn’t been put into any practical use.

But with a floor maintenance plan, you are buying the warranty knowing that the service will be used because your carpet will definitely need a cleaning. And, in the long run, that means that your carpet will look better longer and not need to be replaced as quickly as it might.

A floor maintenance plan is an investment for your business. And with this investment, you can keep your business looking in great shape and wow potential customers. Contact us and ask us about our Stay Beautiful program! 

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