Spring Cleaning Your Commercial Facility

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The sun is out, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and it is time to start cleaning! I am sure that you are extremely excited to get started, since everyone loves a good spring cleaning. Ok, so maybe not everyone. However, keeping your commercial facility nice and clean is extremely important for not only aesthetic purposes, but also for safety and health reasons as well. We have put together a little checklist of three main tasks that you should consider as you tackle the chore of spring cleaning.

  1. Appearance of your facility

As with any business, it is important to make a great first impression. Take some time to inspect your facility and address anything that might be of a concern. Check for cracks, deteriorating caulking and sealants, and other damages. Replace your light bulbs and brighten up the areas your customers will most often frequent. Add some indoor plants to bring a little life you’re your space and help clean the air. Spring is also the best time to do a great deep clean in your facility. You can hire a professional home and office cleaner to come in and thoroughly tackle all the dust and grime that does not get addressed during your typical day to day clean up. Allergens tend to build up especially during this time of year and a thorough cleaning will help reduce symptoms for your staff and customers.

  1. Condition of your flooring

How are your floors looking these days? Winter has a tendency to be brutal on any floor. Mud, melted snow, and rock salt can damage your hardwood, tile, and carpets immensely if not properly addressed. Take time to inspect your flooring and determine a plan of action. Carpets can be deceivingly clean, however damaging chemicals and grime can be hidden down in the fibers and padding. We highly recommend scheduling your carpet cleaning during this time of the year to help remove those harmful materials, keep your carpets looking fresh, and prolong the life your flooring.

  1. Air-conditioning Units

You likely did not use your air conditioning much during the winter, but as the weather continues to get warmer you will need to consider taking a look at your unit. Leaves, dirt, cobwebs and a plethora of other materials can build up in your unit and their filters and decrease the effectiveness of your system. This can cause your utility bills to run higher and cost you money. It also is extremely advised to have an HVAC inspection during the spring to be sure that your unit is in working condition and serviced. It would be very unfortunate for your air conditioning to give out in the middle of a 90-100 degree day in July.

These are just a few of the main spring cleaning items on everyone’s to-do list, but you may have more on yours. Let us at Champion Carpet & Upholstery help relieve some of the hassle and schedule your carpet cleaning today!

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