Spring Cleaning Tips for Property Managers

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Spring is officially here and you might be considering what to add to your spring cleaning checklist. If you are a property manager or landlord, you may have a lot to cover as you prepare for the upcoming warm season. Do not worry! We have put together a list of spring cleaning tips to help you cut down the stress and get the upper hand on your maintenance and property needs.


Chances are, lawn maintenance has taken lower priority on your list of to-dos during the winter. However, as the weather continues to warm up you will need to start focusing on this task yet again to keep your property looking well-kept and professional. Take a look around the grounds and inspect any potential damages to trees, plants, your watering system, and decorative features. Once you have noted all the landscaping needs of your property, begin crossing off each item as you complete them. If you have perennials, they will likely be popping up out of the ground. Regularly check on them and all other budding plants and keep an eye on the weather report. Occasionally we will get a late snow storm or two here in Colorado, so watch for freezing temperatures and cover your beautiful flowers before a freeze to protect them from frost. If you usually hire a lawn maintenance service to take care of the grounds of your property, now would be a good time to call and schedule your first service of the season.

Parking Lots

How is your parking lot looking these days? Take a good look around and check for trash, plant debris, and chipping paint. It can be a bit costly, but repairing cracks in the asphalt and repainting faded and chipped parking space lines can make a huge difference in your properties overall appearance. Determine the needs of your lot and discuss whether it would be a good investment to repave or repair your parking lot. This kind of maintenance does not need to be done every year and if done correctly can last for many years.

Common Areas

Any area that customers can see or gain access to should be the highest priority in your interior maintenance needs. When a customer walks in they immediately assess their surroundings and if they are not aesthetically pleasing, your customer will not be impressed. Always be sure to keep these areas clean and clutter free. If you are able, consider hiring a cleaning service to come in and sanitize all surfaces, clean your bathrooms, shine your windows, and remove any dirt and dust that has accumulated during the winter months. Now is also a great time to schedule your spring carpet cleaning! With all the mud and dirt tracked in from snow and rain, your carpets have likely seen much better days. Call us today and we will help freshen up your space and make your spring cleaning a little easier.

Appliances and Machines

Finally, be sure that all of your important equipment is up to date and in working order. Run a system cleaning on your computers and update if applicable. Inspect your cooling and air systems for built up debris and other hazards. If you have other machinery that is regularly used in manufacturing, have a specialized inspector come in and perform a tune up to prevent from malfunctions in the middle of working hours that can potentially affect your bottom line.

Spring cleaning can be a bit extensive, but it does not have to be unnecessarily stressful. Accomplish one task at a time with the highest priority coming first. Work your way down your list diligently and you and your property will be ready to take on summer!

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