Preparing Your Carpets and Floors for Winter

By: christineh Monday October 29, 2018 comments

 Winter is coming for most of us, and not just for Game of Thrones fans. In many parts of the country, cold weather is already starting to creep in as the temperatures dip down. After a long, hot summer, many people are looking forward to the cooler weather. 

While you may not realize it, the winter weather can take a toll on your carpets and flooring. That’s why it’s so important to take a little pause and make sure that you get them ready for the coming winter weather. 

Break Out the Welcome Mats

First and foremost, you really need to have rugged floor mats at every entrance to your home. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one outside the doors and one on the inside. Be sure that you encourage your kids and guests to use these mats to scrape off their shoes before they come in.

It’s also a good idea to encourage them to take off their shoes when they first come in the door. This is because winter’s snow and sleet can leave an accumulation on your shoes that you don’t want getting tracked all over the carpets. Many counties also use salt on roadways for winter weather and this can get on your shoes and cause damage to your flooring.

Shovel That Snow

One thing that can help keep accumulations of dirt and snow down is if you keep your walkways shoveled and clear. If you’re not traipsing through the snow, then you won’t have to worry about scraping off as much when you reach the welcome mat at your door.

Invest In A Good Vacuum

Another good idea is to make sure that you keep a good vacuum cleaner on standby and that you use it regularly (at least once a week). High traffic areas may need more attention, but this is still a good rule of thumb. Also, you may want to use an inexpensive runner in those high traffic areas that can stand the wear and tear of winter boots.

Spot Cleaners Help

If someone does get past the floor mats and makes a stain on the carpet, then a spot cleaner is essential to getting this out. Make sure you have a high-quality spot cleaner on standby. Also, if you have dogs, be sure to have one that is good at getting out pet stains. When the weather gets rough, your pet may not want to go outside to do its business. 

While the winter weather can be beautiful, what it can do to your carpets is not so pretty. Make sure you take the time to do what you can to prepare your floors for the winter months.

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