Post Holiday Clean Up Tips

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Cleaning up and organizing after the holidays is ideal during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. This task always feels overwhelming because of the scope and scale of the work. The project doesn't end with simply taking down and putting away the holiday decorations. However, it is completely possible if you put together a plan and tackle each item as soon as your time and energy allow.

Take a look at these tips to get your home ready for the new year!

New You, New Floor

If one area of your home takes a beating, your floor is definitely in the running for winning this competition. Between the tinsel, needles, food droppings, ornament hooks, and dirt tracked in and out from Thanksgiving to Christmas, your floor needs some tender loving care to start the new year off right.

To avoid unpleasant surprises year-round, make sure to clean thoroughly to remove any remaining tinsel, pine needles or other debris like glitter from your carpet. Move your furniture slightly to make sure you get it all. For a thorough cleaning, remove the cushions from the furniture and use an extension for the vacuum cleaner.

Pine needles and tinsel cannot be picked up by many home vacuum cleaners. Many home vacuums can easily become clogged with both, and tinsel can clog the roller bar. A broom is the best tool for sweeping hardwood floors. Lint brushes and rubber brooms can be used on carpets. A shop vacuum may also be useful if you have a lot of needles to remove.

If you are suffering from some new food or pet stains on the carpet or the upholstery from all the celebrating, a professional carpet cleaner is your best option.

Disinfection is Your Friend

Although our dearest family members and friends aren't filthy, disinfecting the house after the holidays is often a good idea. Flu and colds are common this time of year, so be sure to wash the guest bedroom linens after the holiday season.

Using a disinfectant solution or wipes will also keep your surfaces clean. Make sure to target areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and tables.

Switch the Vibes

It's the time of year to shift from the crazy schedules and activities of the holiday season so put away the cinnamon and peppermint air fresheners, take down the lights, and store away all that festive decor. Decluttering and cleaning will help your space feel like new but if you want to enhance those peaceful, cozy vibes add soft pillows, fluffy blankets, and calm sounds and scents to really change the mood of your space.


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