New Carpet Basics: How to Care for Your New Floor

By: christineh Tuesday May 7, 2019 comments

Most people who get new carpeting are adamant about preventing spills and keeping it clean.

Here are some easy-to-do tips to help you keep that new carpet looking new for as long as you have it. 

Vacuuming: It’s good practice to vacuum your carpet once a week; however that may not be enough. To ensure that ALL of your carpet stays clean, vacuum high traffic areas daily. Doing so keeps the dirt or dust from collecting and “soaking” into the carpet.

Speaking of vacuuming, make sure to spend extra on a quality vacuum cleaner. The reason good vacuums cost more is because they are better at what they do and are less damaging to your carpet.

Rearrange: To stop permanent divots from forming in your carpet, rearrange your furniture more frequently. We all know that when you move a couch or table, there are divots in the carpet. Most of the time, we use those as markers that indicate where the furniture needs to be. Instead, put furniture back in different locations. You don’t have to completely rearrange everything – even moving furniture an inch or two can help prevent divots from forming. 

Padding: A popular trick is to use area rugs on top of carpeting. While this can help in keeping your carpet clean, it can also cause damage. As the back of most rugs are rough, repeatedly walking on the rug, or its sliding, can wear down the carpet below it. There is even a chance that the rug’s dye can seep through and cause a stain. In order to stop this, use a rug pad. A rug pad acts as a buffer between the carpet and rug and isn’t as hard on your carpet.

Cleaners: Whether you like it or not, spills are going to happen. When they do, you want to be sure that the products you are using will not damage the carpet further. Harsh chemicals in common carpet cleaners can remove your carpet’s ability to repel stains. Try a natural remedy instead of a store-bought cleaner. If you have to use a store-bought cleaner, make sure to get all of it out when cleaning it up. 

Routine: Lastly, make cleaning your carpet a routine. While it may be hard to continue to do it, after you have done it for a couple of months it will become second nature. You won’t notice a drastic difference every time you clean, but that’s because your carpet is always clean. What you will notice is that your carpet always looks new, and you’ll be glad that you stuck with a regular cleaning routine.

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