Make Your Bathroom Sparkly: Tips for Commercial Buildings

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We all know how hard it is to keep our bathrooms at home clean. What about in a commercial building? The bathrooms not only see a much higher traffic flow, but there are also people who are not as considerate in a public restroom as they are in their home. However, keeping the bathroom in a commercial building is not only important for aesthetics but also for health reasons. So here are a few tips to achieve that clean sparkle.

Use the right tools for the job

The material of the sink and countertops will determine how to treat stains and scratches. Remove small scratches from acrylic with a plastic polish that’s sold for this purpose; buff with a clean cloth and rinse. Use ultra fine sandpaper to remove stubborn stains from solid-surface synthetic sinks, and buff with a clean cloth. Regularly apply a sealer to marble and other stone surfaces to prevent staining.

For stains on vitreous or porcelain enamel, apply a solution of ½ cup of chlorine bleach in one gallon of water, leave on for a minute or two, and then rinse. Blue-green stains on enamel surfaces are a telltale sign of a continually dripping faucet. After fixing the leak, rub a paste of borax and lemon juice onto the stain. Leave it on for several minutes, scrub with a plastic scrub pad, rinse with warm water, and buff dry.

Take your time

Cleaning a commercial bathroom requires a balance in timing. For a disinfectant to work, standing time is necessary to work and to thoroughly kill germs. Cleansers should sit for five to seven minutes inside the toilet bowl to be effective. Use a sponge dipped in a solution of hot water and disinfectant cleanser to wipe down the rest of the toilet and the toilet seat. Finally, wipe down the toilet surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth.


Other than grime and dust, the residue left from cleaning products can take away from the shine you are trying to achieve. Once a cleaning solution has been used to clean surfaces, especially mirrors and chrome, streaks and spots left behind will leave the bathroom looking dingy. Using a sponge dipped in hot water to wipe away the residue and a clean cloth to buff out the spots on the mirror and dry the rest to eliminate these problems.


In addition to knowing what tools to use, it is also important to know the best times to clean the bathrooms in a commercial building. For a commercial office building, the busiest times are likely mid-morning, after lunch hour, and later afternoon. The busiest times may differ at your location, but being aware of the “traffic patterns” is just as important as having the right tools and cleaners in your arsenal. Keeping to a cleaning and spot check schedule will not only help maintain the sparkly appearance throughout the day, but will also allow any problems to be caught right away.

Pay attention to all surfaces

The bathroom counters and toilet seats are not the only surfaces that should be cleaned regularly in a commercial building’s bathroom. Even a sparkly faucet and disinfected and clean toilet will not hide the dingy grout and tiles on the bathroom floor. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions to prevent damage and a lingering residue. Cleaning your tile floor on a regular basis should be a big part of your cleaning routine, a regularly scheduled deep clean on your tile and grout is recommended to keep dirt and grime from settling in and detracting from the beautiful and sparkly commercial bathroom.

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