Keeping Your Food Facility Clean

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If you are like most people, you take notice of the restaurant rating when you go out to eat. An A signifies that an establishment takes pride in the service and quality of food that they provide. However, anything less than an A is generally frowned upon and not trusted. If you currently operate a food facility with a high rating, good for you! That means you are doing a phenomenal job at keeping your facility clean. Although, even the best rating can still be improved upon! Here are a few things to consider while maintaining the cleanliness of your food facility clean.

  1. Regularly Clean Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment like ovens, stove tops, hood vents, pots and pans can collect a large amount of grease and food residue. Regularly clean these areas to minimize contamination and safety hazards like grease fires.

  1. Check Food Ingredient Expiration Dates

Expiration dates are established for a good reason. After a certain amount of time, all food can go bad. Be mindful of this so you are not feeding your customers rotten meals.

  1. Keep Up With the Recalls

Occasionally a recall will be issued for certain food products. This can be due to an accidental contamination or on a rare occasion foreign bodies like mechanical metal getting mixed into the food after a machine malfunction.

  1. Clean Your Bathrooms and Dining Areas

It is not all about the kitchen. With servers running back and forth from the dining area, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and then the dining area again, there can be an awful lot of cross contamination happening. Regularly clean the bathrooms thoroughly and the tables and floors of the dining area as well. Do a full deep clean every few months to help reduce germs and bacteria from the constant influx of a variety of people.

  1. Watch for Sick Employees

Lastly, your employees are the ones directly handling the food. The chefs and servers prepare and deliver the food to the customers. If they are sick they will transfer these germs onto your customers and could cause them to get sick as well. To try to avoid being blamed for the stomach flu, be kind and smart and send your employees home. You will be thankful in the long run.

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