How Commercial Cleaning Affects Employee Attendance

By: christineh Thursday May 18, 2017 comments

If you work outside of your home, chances are that you’ve touched a door knob, window, or borrowed a pen from someone you work with. If the everyday items that you touch are too dirty, you could find yourself at home in bed and nursing a cold, flu, or a more serious illness.

If you don’t touch any door knobs or windows, you might touch a desk. Your desk has to be safe, right? Not really. Even your own private space within an office or building can be full of harmful bacteria that are just waiting to make you sick.

To combat these germs, cleanliness is crucial. Germs don’t typically go away within a few minutes- some can last for days before dying, which leaves you plenty of time to pick them up. The surface that the germs have nested on can determine how long they live as well. For example, germs usually live longer on hard surfaces than they do on soft surfaces like furniture.

Regular cleaning such as sanitizing is a good idea for everyone- especially business owners. There are products that can be purchased to sanitize areas, but it’s also a good idea to have your work space deep cleaned once in a while. This means calling in a professional cleaning company.

Professional cleaning companies can take care of all sorts of germs, and have specific ways of cleaning that maximizes the number of bacteria that is warded off.

If a workspace is neglected, germs build up and employees get sick. When one person gets sick, there is always potential for others to get sick, as well- even if the sick employee takes a few days off to recover. One employee being away for a few days can be managed with a change in schedule, but if other members of the team are hit with the same bug, there can be lasting damage for the company in question.

Not only does it lose money and lack productivity, but the sick employees may get left behind if the company changes at all while they are gone. When there are too many people missing at one time, quality of work suffers. Workers will try to work faster in order to cover the left-over work that needs to be done- this isn’t a good idea, however, because the faster employees work, the lower quality the work that they produce is.

This can also cause stress and tension within the work place, which can further delay work being done.

As a rule of thumb, a clean space is a productive space, and a productive space is a happy place for employees to be.

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