Has Your Business Been Affected by Water Damage?

By: christineh Tuesday April 2, 2019 comments

Water damage can be crippling to a business and can cause damage even after everything has dried. Depending on the amount of damage caused and how much water there was, your carpet may not be the only thing to worry about.


From damage to the subfloor to bacteria, let’s go over what to look for and how to help keep your business safe.


A damaged subfloor is never a good thing, a rotting one, however, can be even worse. When water seeps down through the carpet and is not cleaned up or dealt with, it will be left there to soak into the subfloor. Over time, as the water soaks in, this can weaken the floor and area around it. A weakened floor can collapse and even affect the stability of the building around it, causing for a dangerous environment for you and your customers.


Similarly, mold also creates a dangerous environment. Not only can it ruin your carpet and subfloor, but it can also become airborne which causes a whole new set of issues. If you suffer water damage, make sure to check the subfloor where it was worst for damage underneath the carpet. You may need to contract somebody such as a carpet cleaner to help assess the damage properly.


It’s also important to know that water damage doesn’t always occur on a large scale. Simply spilling a glass of water and letting it sit can cause the same issues. Even a smaller scale, mold can still be a hazard.


One way for you to take a proactive approach to water damage is to keep your carpet clean. Every business should have a professional wash done when cleaning their carpets, and they should be doing it regularly. Not only does a full carpet cleaning keep dirt from settling in, but it also will pull up any water that might have gone unnoticed.


In the end, there is not much you can do while a large scale water event, like a flood or a burst pipe, is occurring. Though some preventative steps can be put in place to minimize damage, we’re here for you and your business to take care of what needs to happen both before and after these events.

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